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Casino - Going Bonkers for Bingo!

There are so many casino games out there on a great many different sites online and I'm partial for a couple of games in particular. While some love playing poker or perhaps blackjack, my gaming interests online are the same as in offline casinos. I find that with the aforementioned card games a slight negative with the is that you can get through your money pretty fast. Of course sometimes you get on a winning run, but that doesn't always happen and since I prefer to play for a good while, my favourites are roulette and bingo.

With roulette I don't tend to stake high. Instead I place a small bet on a single number or two each spin and stick with those over an extended period of time. This way your money goes a long way. Granted if your luck is out, you might not have much to cheer about, but when your luck is in, you're getting serious returns for tiny stakes and you can end up laughing all the way to the bank. Occasionally I will have a slightly larger bet on red or black, or odd and even, but as a general strategy I follow the single number approach and try to be as patient as humanly possible!

The other game mentioned, bingo, involved less of a strategy, but is super fun none the less. I really enjoy getting off to a good start and ahead of my opponents when a few of my numbers come out early. When you get a line up before others it gives you hope that you're going to win big for the rest of the game and with decent jackpots in some online bingo games, it can be really fun and addictive. With some online casino / bingo sites you can gain a Bingo no deposit bonus and so you're essentially already winning before you even start! There are so many twists and different takes on the bingo theme, so it just never gets boring!

For me, there's no better way to unwind at the end of a busy week, than by playing online games (sometimes free ones), or by having a little flutter. When you find yourself on a roll, it's certainly time well spent!

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