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You will need the <a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/" target="_blank">Macromedia Flash Player</a> to play this game.

Additional Information: Use Pacman to capture sections of the board in Pacxon. Clear 80% to progress to the next level. Pacxon is the most popular game on the whole site! Brought to you by Outsider Tips

More on Pacxon

Pacxon is the most popular game on the site. It's a classic combination of retro arcade games Pacman and Xonix. Pacman, is one of the most recognised and played arcade games in history. Xonix is a less well known, but equally addictive game. It's based on the Qix style of game and was created by one of the developers of Tetris.

These two great games combined result in one of the most popular flash games of all time.